As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I made an adorable wedding present for my friends. They are huge Tennessee fans (thus the Tennessee orange color in the wedding) as well as a couple who love to tailgate for just about everything. Since they already bought a house together a while ago they didn't really have a wedding registry, so I decided to get a little creative (surprised?) with their wedding gift: A Mason jar Bar Set. The great part is that this is a great idea to make for anyone for a wedding present, house warming present, or birthday present. Here is how you can make your own mason jar bar set.


  1. I first measured out the size on the glass for the vinyl decals. Next I created a design of what I was looking for on my computer to give me a better visual of what I was looking to make. I then contacted my favorite vinyl decal girl, Ali from Ali Cat Alley, to order my custom designed decals.
  2. Once my decals arrived I added them to my jars. Since these were a wedding present I chose to do a "His" and "Hers" on the drinking glasses but you could easily do a school logo, monogram or just a design like polka dots.
  3. Once I had the decals on I switched out the normal mason jar lids for the shaker top and straw set.
  4. And now I have an adorable, custom made mason jar bar set!

What easy DIY craft ideas have you made from mason jars? Be sure to share you creations below!


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