The perfect accompaniment to the Mother’s Day Brunch I shared with you yesterday? A create your own Mom-osa Bar of course! Mom will love this festive themed bar and everyone will love making one (or two!) delicious “Mom-osa” concoctions with the different juices and berries from this drink bar.

Bar Ingredients
- Juice
- Champagne
- Sliced Fruit
- Glasses
- Ice

I have found that having 3 juice choices and about 5 fruit choices mark for the perfect bar setup. For your juice choices I love orange juice, a strawberry flavored one and a lemonade variety. There are so many different juice varieties now that there are no right or wrong juice selections, just pick out what you think mom would enjoy the most.

When it comes to picking your fruits choose what looks best at the market nearest you. Choices like raspberries and blueberries will not need to be cut, but strawberries, mangos and other large fruits will need to be cut to fit into your glasses.

And last but not least, the champagne. Since you are mixing the champagne into a juice you don’t need to worry about picking out a flavored champagne. I have found that a nice dry champagne works best when making mimosas.

Once you have all your bar ingredients you can add colored platters, bowls and place cards to turn your bar into a colorful display. Here are three great mimosa bar set-ups that you can base your own creation off of from Holidays Central, On To Baby, and Paper Fancy. Enjoy!!
Are you ready for Mother’s Day on Sunday?


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