Anytime there is a holiday I am all about going above and beyond with the theme! After putting together Tuesday’s post I could not wait to share more ideas with you for today’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta post. (I always find too many great ideas when I start event browsing!) Anyways, get ready to be inspired by this Cinco de Mayo Fiesta celebration. So get out your sombrero and get ready to shout “ole!” in celebration of Cinco de Mayo!  

After you tackle those Cinco de Mayo Favorites you will already be on your way for setting up an amazing Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. The one thing that truly stands out with this party are the colors. When it comes to this Mexican-American celebrations there are no limits to the colors you can include. From the decorations, food, drinks, and more you should combine a wide variety of brightly colored hues. Here are some of my Cinco de Mayo brightly colored favorites.

Create floral bouquets in either monochromatic shades or combine all your colors into one bouquet. Either way these colors will brighten up any party!
These bright colored cookies, from Lily’s Cookies, will not be turned down by any guest. She has multiple fiesta themed designs to choose from too!
An inexpensive way to decorate your Cinco de Mayo party is with crepe paper. You can purchase just about any color and create piñatas, streamers, DIY floral table displays or even a crepe paper wall like the one pictured here.
And of course you can’t forget about all the colorful drinks to enjoy! From the margaritas, daiquiris, sangria and beer you are sure to have a colorful bar that will have guests unable to decide what they want. Just don’t forget the lime wedge!
With so many bright colors (which is undeniably in style right now) these ideas can be used for just about any party you plan to throw this summer. What other Cinco de Mayo Fiesta ideas do you have?


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