I am a huge fan of the holiday season so when you have the opportunity to get to celebrate again I never say no. Christmas in July is not a set holiday date but something that could be celebrated at anytime during July. You can draw some inspiration from the folks who live down under and celebrate Christmas during their summer months. So plug in that light up palm tree, throw some garland up around the house, press play on your Christmas playlist and get ready to celebrate with some holiday cheer. Here are some fun ways that you and your friends can celebrate Christmas in July.

Peppermint Infusion
A great way to add a sprinkle of holiday cheer is to add in a little peppermint twist. You can take some of your favorite summertime treats like s’mores or a cool concoction and add some broken up pieces of peppermint or a splash of peppermint liquor.
Tacky Sweater Party
Since this isn’t the official holiday season your guests will have no problems dressing up in their tackiest Christmas outfits since they don’t have to worry about attending another party before or after yours. Inspire your guests to find their tackiest apparel as well as mix it up with a little summertime items and have everyone vote on the winner.

Christmas Crafting
If you have a group of friends who loves to craft this is the perfect time to tackle one or two of those DIY Christmas projects that you just never seem to have time to do. That way when the holiday season comes around you are ready to go with your new Christmas tree snow globes, utensil holders or ornament tree centerpiece (all things I have one my potential Christmas craft list) and will only have to worry about what gifts to buy. 
White Elephant Swap
Still have a Christmas present that hasn’t been touched or you just don’t know what to do with? Have all your guests bring over that one left over item wrapped up for a fun white elephant swap. You can find all the directions from my holiday gift exchange post.

Only 152 days until Christmas! You can keep up with the official countdown here. Are you celebrating Christmas in July?  


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