Happy Monday to you all! I hope each and every one of you had a great weekend and was able to spend some time with their mothers. This past weekend I headed down to Richmond for Mother’s Day with the family. My sister, mom and I fixed lunch for both my mom and grandmother. We fixed a wonderful lunch with kabobs on the grill, fruit salad, tortellini with pesto, butter rolls, salad and desserts.

I helped arrange some roses for the table setting, which ended up being quite a painful experience. Yes I know they have thorns but why do they poke you so much! Luckily, I came out of the experience without any bleeding so all was good. 
We also celebrated my grandmother’s birthday since we were all together yesterday as she will be turning 88 (go grandma!) this week. I baked and my mom iced a delicious cinnamon cake for her and along with our Mother’s day fudge pie we had enough desserts for everyone to enjoy! After dessert the moms opened their presents and we had a fun closure to our Mother’s Day celebrations. 
What did you do with your mom for Mother’s Day this past weekend?


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