Happy Monday! This past week my friends and I were finally able to get together for our monthly theme dinner. We were supposed to celebrate a few weeks ago, but have been having so many random days of snow that it got postponed until this past week. For January we wanted to get a little festive in ringing in the New Year so we chose to make dishes that are considered “lucky” for the new year. It wasn’t until I started searching for something to make did I realize that most every culture around the world have dishes that they ring in the New Year with. There were so many options!!

I found two great articles, one my Martha Stewart and one by Lauren Salkeld on Epicurious, that share some great knowledge on lucky foods for the New Year and inspired a lot the dishes. The most common foods that you will find on these lucky menus are grapes, greens, fish, pork, legumes and cakes.
I decided to choose the lucky dish of fish, or more specifically cod. Fish is one dish that is associated with celebrating the New Year in multiple countries: Italy, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Sweden and Japan to name a few. I was also going to try and bring some fish scales, the German’s place a few in their wallets for good luck, but my fish came pre cleaned (thank you WholeFoods!). You can make your own “lucky” baked fish with this delicious recipe I used from AllRecipes.com.

We also had grapes (Spain), black eyed peas (Southern US), sesame soba noodles (Japan), and pana cotta with pomegranate syrup (circle foods; Turkey). Everything was so delicious and by the time we made it to the desserts I was so full (but still managed a few bits of the pana cotta).
Do you have a favorite “lucky” food you like to fix to ring in the new year? Next month we are going French! Any suggestions?


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