Every year, since I can remember, my grandmother has baked gingerbread houses for my sister, bother and I to decorate. Of course when we were all little it was more along the lines of how much candy can we put on the houses than actual decoration, but it was still something we loved doing! I think that first pictures is from around 2000 with some of our early houses. As you can tell between the two pictures our group has come a long way (as well as my brother's girlfriend has joined us in the decorating fun) with our decorating skills. 
This year I decided to do a little something different when it came to decorating my house. A few weeks ago I ran across this gorgeous Lilly themed gingerbread house on Pinterest and couldn't stop thinking about it. So as with most things I find on Pinterest, that Lilly house quickly became my creative inspiration for decorating this year's gingerbread house. And this is what I came up with...
I loved how great all of our houses turned out this year and cannot wait to decorate gingerbread houses next year! Do you have a Christmas tradition that you love doing each year?


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