Every year when the family goes to the beach we celebrate my dad's birthday. I think he intentionally scheduled our beach vacation like this from the beginning, but I won't deny that it wasn't a great idea. Over the years we have celebrated by the way my dad loves best: going out for a good breakfast and then spending as much time as possible out on the beach. Here are a few pictures from my dad's birthday celebrations...

This year was no different as we found a great new breakfast place to go try out. Let me first state that we are a family that can never just sit still (myself included). The breakfast tables had butcher paper on them and it only took a few minutes before we went to retrieve some crayons and all enjoyed some fun coloring while waiting for our food. (My pictures is the one above.) After the birthday boy's breakfast we all retreated back to the beach as quickly as we could to bask in the rays. 
We ran into a little rain in the afternoon, but after the quick shower we went back out to the pool to enjoy the rest of the afternoon rays. We did get to see a beautiful double rainbow after the rain storm from our back porch.
For dinner we went to our favorite local restaurant in Sandbridge and then went out for some ice cream at the new family owner ice cream shop. We finished up the birthday evening with the unwrapping of a few presents that he got a good kick out of. He really enjoyed the whoopee cushion that came in his card from my brother (I stopped asking why some time ago) and also the shirts that we got made for him with our beach house's logo.
What is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?


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