Being a part of the JMU Nation I have seen quite a number of people choose purple as their wedding color. (And with the Raven's having just won the Super Bowl I am sure there are quite a few fans out there that love this color too!) Purple has been associated with royalty for centuries, so why should you choose any other color when it comes to your wedding day? Here are some amazing ides when it comes to creating your own royal wedding.

Purple is one color that will look great in large quantities or as an accent. This is also a color that works all year long. You can find great seasonal fabrics as well as seasonal flowers in this shade at any time during the year.

Dress you guys in purple accessories, your girls in purple dresses and you can wear a classic pair of purple pumps.
Using varying shades or incorporating the ombre look are two great options when it comes to choosing your wedding design look. Have your desserts in multiple shades of purple like these cupcakes or have your cake made using the ombre shading, like I shared with you last week. 
Incorporate more of the purple into your event through the use of uplighting, colored table linens, glassware, and flower bouquets.
One thing that I can guarantee you is that you will not have any difficulty when it comes to finding purple dresses, jewels, table linens or accessories for your wedding day. Purple is a color that is here to stay when it comes to wedding event colors.
What do you think of this purple wedding palette? 


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