One thing that I have noticed recently when it comes to the wedding proposal is that this is no longer just a story being told post engagement, it now comes with pictures! Whether the soon-to-be bride has been hinting more about wanting pictures of her proposal, or the men are just getting smarter, getting a friend (or stranger) to document the proposal is not out of the norm. **And let me just preface this post with a tip for all the guys out there, your girl will love you forever if you get a picture of her reaction when you pull out that ring box.

When it comes to the proposal pictures you have to plan wisely. Here are some great tips to get the perfect proposal pictures.

  1. You don’t want the future bride-to-be to wonder why a person with a camera has their lens glued to the two of you and standing 5 feet away. Plan out with the photographer where you want to propose and even got out to the site together to see where the best place to hide/take pictures will be.
  2. Create a schedule for your proposal plans for you and the photographer to follow. You don’t want to be arriving to your site at the same time as the photographer so plan ahead a little.
  3. Make plans to go out before or after your proposal. These pictures will be shared with so many friends and family members as well as be shown at the wedding so it will be nice if the two of you look presentable. Your bride-to-be will love that you got her to dress up a little without ruining the surprise.

Here are two great pictures from when my sorority sister Amanda got engaged.
Down on one knee, asking the question...
She said "yes"! Now wave to the photographer!

So many people say that they can’t remember a thing that happened during the proposal because they were so nervous or excited. These pictures make for the perfect memento of the moment. Your bride-to-be will love you for arranging for a proposal photographer forever!

You can check out this post by my sorority sister Nikki when she took pictures of her best friend and sorority sister’s engagement the other day. Congrats Emily on the engagement!!

Need some help with your wedding planning? Let me know in the comments section below. I will personally write you back or I might even turn your question into my next Wedding Wednesday post!


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