Happy Wednesday! This weekend I will be in my second wedding of the summer for another one of my best friends. As like many of the weddings that I have worked and seen pictures of this spring and summer her main color is navy. It seems like more and more people are choosing navy as one of their wedding colors as just about every color goes so well with it. I have seen navy paired with every shade of pink, green, gold and silver the most. 

For today's post I chose the navy and silver combination, as that is the color combination for this weekend's wedding. When it comes to choosing a shade like silver or gold for a wedding color it is really important to think about if you want the true metallic color or if you want a more muted shade. Today I have put together a number of ideas that you can use to create the navy and silver wedding of your dreams!

The first place I always go to when looking at color palettes is The Perfect Palette. They offer hundreds of color combination ideas and is a great place to get started when it comes to choosing the color combination you want to use for your wedding. Here is a great compilation of one of their navy wedding inspirations. Click here for more navy ideas from The Perfect Palette.
My favorite place to incorporate color into the wedding is through the arrangement of the reception tables. With different table cloth and napkin options, chargers, centerpieces, silverware and chairs you can integrate your colors seamlessly. Here are some of my favorite tablescapes using the navy and silver color palette. 
This wedding incorporated their colors by using the navy tablecloth with silver chairs at each of the tables. They also created menus using navy paper and used all silver silverware. This table setting was found at Elizabeth Anne Designs
I love the use of chargers in the table setting as it creates a wonderful look and also is an easy way to add your second color to your reception tables without over doing it. This table setting is from Rhodes Studios
And of course when it comes to a wedding you can't forget about the cake. These days cake decorators can create just about any cake design using the colors that you choose for your wedding. I love the classic and simplicity look when it comes to the cake, and this use of navy and silver ribbon on the cake is just that. It incorporates the colors without over powering the cake, giving it that elegant wedding cake look. This cake was created by For The Love of Cake.
What do you think of this navy and silver color palette? Have a color palette that you are considering or want more ideas on? Leave a comment below on what color combinations you would like to see. For more wedding colors and theme inspiration you can visit my Pinterest page @PreppyPlanner. 


p.s.~ Today is the 100th Birthday of the legendary cook and planner of all things wonderful Mrs. Julia Child! You can go here to learn more about this wonderful woman. Bon Appetit! 


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