When it comes to the wedding day dad may be the one that walks his little girl down the aisle but mom still has a huge role to play when it comes to planning for the big day. The mother of the bride has quite a number of responsibilities leading up to and on the day of the wedding. With Mother’s Day right around the corner there is no better time to let mom know that she will play an important role on your wedding day. Thanks to The Knot, here is an amazing list of things that you can have mom help you out with when it comes to planning your wedding day!

  • Help the bride and groom scout out ceremony and wedding reception sites and ask friends/family for vendor recommendations.
  • Serve as the main contact for wedding pros (especially if the wedding is taking place in your town and the bride lives elsewhere).
  • Help the bride choose her wedding dress and veil.
  • Compile and submit names and addresses of your family and friends to be included on the master guest list.
  • Talk to the groom's family about whom they want to include on the guest list and manage the difficult task of limiting the number of guests, if necessary.
  • Help research family or ethnic traditions and heirlooms to incorporate into the ceremony or reception.
  • Determine what the bride wants you to wear on the big day and find a gorgeous mother of the bride dress. Then, consult with the groom's mom on what you two will be wearing. You'll both feel more comfortable if your elegance is in sync. Start looking for the perfect dress.
  • Attend (and possibly help organize) the bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner.
  • Escort the bride down the aisle if the bride's father isn't planning on it. (In a Jewish wedding both parents accompany the bride.)
  • In a Christian wedding, be seated in the first pew directly before the ceremony and leave the chapel first afterward. If there is no reception music you are also the first one to stand to signal everyone else to rise right before the bride walks in.
  • Stand in the receiving line to greet guests; traditionally, as reception hostess, the mother of the bride heads up the line.
  • Sit at the parents' table (if there is one).
  • Dance with the father of the bride (or other escort) and the groom during the formal first-dance sequence.
  • Remind the bride often how special she is and that she'll be the most beautiful bride in history.
  • Let the bride cry on your shoulder anytime, day or night (you know, be a mom).

What other roles did your mom have in your wedding?


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