What better feeling could there be than to be “Lucky in Love?” With St. Patrick’s Day only 4 days away I thought that it would be fitting to intertwine that “lucky” feeling into a wedding day theme. I have found so much wedding day inspiration from the “lucky in love” and the traditional shamrock clover. You don’t need to be Irish to fall in love with this wedding theme.
You have so many options when it comes to incorporating the cover into your “Lucky in Love” theme. You can choose the clover color for your bridal party accessories or get a bit more creative by using the actual clover in your décor. Get a little crafty by purchasing a 4 leaf clover punch. You can make your own decorative toothpicks, punch the clover into your stationary, and my favorite make your own confetti. Have your homemade confetti on your tables and you can give a little pouch to each guest to toss when you and your groom make your exit.
During the ceremony you can add delicate touches of clover with a clover ring pillow. The bride and groom can also take a little clover hunt and find two that they can put in their ring boxes wishing them good luck at the very start of their marriage. 
And to finish off the ceremony you can give all your guests tins of clover seeds to take home as their wedding favor, like these from Favors and Flowers. They can grow their own small patch of clovers to enjoy every year and maybe even bring the guest their own good luck in the future!
Are you Lucky in Love?


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