This weekend I will be attending a bachelorette party for my BFF Meredith's wedding that I will be in in August. To celebrate, this Saturday all the girls will be headed to Charlottesville for some wine tasting. Getting into the wine tasting spirit I thought I would share with you my ten favorite wineries that I have been to or want to go to in Virginia.

1. Barboursville Vineyard near Charlottesville, VA 
2. Blenheim Vineyards owned by Dave Matthews 
3. Chateau Morrisette Winery with their famous dog wines
4. CrossKeys Vineyards is located right down the road from JMU
5. The Dog and Oyster Vineyard down at the Rivah
6. DuCard Vineyards where I went for my friend's bridal shower
7. Gray Ghost Vineyards is the winery where the rehearsal dinner wine came from for Emily's wedding
8. New Kent Winery won the 2011 Governor's Cup
9. Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery is another Charolttesville favorite
10. And my personal favorite The Williamsburg Winery

Have a favorite winery that you don't see on the list? Let me know in the comments below! Virginis has so many to choose from it was hard to just pick ten! Do you want to find a winery in your area? Virginia Wine is a great site where you can search by region, type of wine, or winery feature. Cheers!



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