Whether hosting or attending a Super Bowl party, there are a few things that I look forward to every year when it comes to this event. I can’t believe that the big game is less than a week away! To get you excited and ready big game on Sunday here are my favorite things about Super Bowl Sunday:

1. The Commercials. This is one of my favorite parts of the Super Bowl. Since taking a marketing class in undergrad, where I was required to watch the commercials, this has been probably my most favorite part of the evening. As always, I am sure that this year’s commercials will not disappoint as 30 seconds now costs about $3.8 million.

2. Halftime Show. The first halftime show I remember watching is the 2001 show when they had Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Aerosmith, 'N Sync, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly perform. Ever since then I can’t wait to see what over-the-top performance the groups perform.
3. Decorations. This is the last time to pull out those favorite football decorations from the 2012 season. Anytime you can decorate according to a certain theme you better believe that is one of my favorite parts of the party.

4. Team Apparel. For those with a team still in the playoffs this is the perfect time to get decked out in your team’s apparel. You never know if the person’s jersey you have will still be on the team next year so it’s the perfect excuse to wear it one last time.

5. Colored Tableware & Utensils. Just like those decorations I love having an excuse to go out and buy cups, plates, napkins, etc. in fun and festive colors and patterns like the ones below from etsy store Hello My Sweet. Maybe I should just get a stockpile of every color so I am prepared for any party theme? 
6. Football Gameday Treats. This is the truly last time (until fall) to make some of your favorite football gameday treats. So if you forgot to make something this past fall now is the time to do so! Check out some of my favorite gameday treats from this past fall.

7. The Food. Besides Thanksgiving this is probably one of the top “food holidays” of the year. From wings, pizza, dips, snacks and more you just can’t get enough of the football food favorites.

8. Games. The fun gameday challenge pool like the one I shared with you last week is one of my favorite pools to take part in. It doesn’t require any prior knowledge of teams or players like bowl tournaments and is all just pure luck.

9. Super Bowl Apps. Since there is an app for everything you can't miss downloading the app that will keep you up to date on everything, give you behind the scenes access, and even give you the chance to win prizes. Some of my favorites from iTunes are SB XLVII Guide (Free) and Chevy Game Time (Free).
10. The Game. You can’t forget the actual game, it is the Super Bowl after all.

Are you ready for the game yet? Who do you think/want to win on Sunday? Being a purple and gold JMU Duke I think I might root for the Ravens. I can't wait for the Super Bowl!!


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