Last year I did a post on the events trends that you would see in 2012. Well now it is a new year and with that comes new trends. Last week I share with you the 2013 Pantone Colors for Spring and this week I have the start of a two week post that will share with you the top event trends that you are sure to see this year. A lot of these directly have to do with weddings, but the trends are easily transferable to any other type of event.

1. Patterns & Prints. From gingham and stripes to paisley and chevron you will start to see prints and patterns popping up all over the place at events this year. These prints will be seen in the apparel, linens and décor at events. Just make sure you don’t go prints crazy, less is more when it comes to incorporating patterns and prints into the event.

2. Reception Lounge. Just need a little time away from the buffet and dance floor during the reception. The reception lounge is the perfect solution! Have a bar, some plush furniture and maybe a photo booth setup in a separate room for the perfect break away from the craziness an event can be.
3. Technology Driven. More and more events are being driven by technology. You can see this with the use of a live Twitter feed, Instagram hash tags, and custom event apps at every type of event.

4. Lace. Lace has always been a part of the wedding world, but you will see a lot more of it this year especially in the décor. Ever since the Royal Wedding dress made its appearance lace has come back into the event industry in full force! Check out these amazing lace inspired wedding cakes for some lace inspired inspiration.

5. Less is More. More couples and event planners are moving toward a less is more attitude when it comes to the event. The want the wedding or party to have more focus on the couple or having a fun time than extravagant decorations and over the top entertainment.

6. Virtual Guests. With the availability of wifi and hot spots just about everywhere there is now the ability to have a live broadcast of your event for those that are not able to attend in person. Most people do not realize that this is an option until someone else suggests it.
7. The Fun Factor. From artistic food stations, creative cocktails and reception games people are adding a “fun factor” to their event this year. You will see more people adding creative aspects to their event to give it that extra special originality touch that sets them apart from everyone else. How about some carnival games and food at your next party?

8. Extended Wedding Receptions. In 2012 a lot of events saw the addition of the after party to an event’s schedule. Instead of a separate party this year you will see the extended party. For weddings this means that you will still have the traditional cocktail hour and dinner reception, but once the traditional wedding activities are over (bouquet toss, first dance, etc.) grandma and grandpa can head home and you and your friends can continue to party.

9. Wedding Dresses…with Pockets. For the girls out there who have bought a dress for the sole purpose of having pockets you will love this trend. More designers have incorporated the dress pocket into their wedding dress designs that are coming out this spring. Now you can carry your own tissues and lip gloss with you for wedding day touchups.
10. The Roaring Twenties. This is a theme that will be popping up in event this year. For weddings the 20’s offer a romantic vibe using pastels and lots of pearls. For other events they will be drawing inspiration from the hit TV show Downtown Abbey and the soon to be released remake of the classic The Great Gatsby. The 20’s are truly here to stay!

What trend are you looking forward to see in 2013? Don’t forget to check back next week for part 2. I can’t wait to start seeing some of these


Have an idea you would like me to do a post about? Let me know! Share what event topic or party idea you would like to see me blog about in the comments section below. You never know what might show up in 2013!!

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