I couldn't wait for week two to share with you the rest of the amazing trends you will see in events in 2013 (the week 1 list can be found here). You will find everything from prints, technology and popular cultural trends appearing in events this year. Some of my favorites are from today’s part 2 list of trends! And remember that these don’t just apply to weddings but to any event you are planning.

1. Localized Weddings. This is a trend that has become popular with about every aspect of society. The use of local farm ingredients, local vendors, local anything is the new way of the future.

2. Grooms Start Spending. With more grooms getting involved in the planning of weddings and other events there has been an increase in the average cost of the event. Grooms are wanting to contribute to the planning with groom cakes, rings, accessories, fancy honeymoons, and intricate grooms gifts. However, brides are loving that they are taking part in the planning so make sure you have the cash!

3. A Return to Elegance. In 2012 you saw a lot of DIY as a part of cutting back on event expenses. 2013 will bring back the elegance that we used to associate with events. From nicer fabrics, lace details and influence from the 1920’s we will see the elegance return to events that is something to love.
4. Fabulous Florals. In 2013 the florals will be full of color. From pastels in the spring to bright colors in the summer, there will not be a lacking of color in this department. The new trend that you will see will be the use of monochromatic bouquets taking full advantage of the 2013 colors.

5. Custom Wedding Details. I am a huge fan of customized details. This includes everything from adding your own monogram to decorating your own blank-slatted venue. Brides, grooms and event planners love creating an event from scratch. It allows the hosts to intertwine a part of themselves into the event.

6. Economy Drives Choices. With the economy still trying to make a comeback one’s budget will still be driving the limitations when it comes to event planning. However, the use of technology and sites such as Pinterest and Etsy have helped in finding cost friendly ways of having the things you have dreamed of at your event. 
7. Birds of a Feather. This is an odd theme, but is already seen everywhere in current fashion. Bird themed items: bird cages, bird seed, feathers, nests, etc, are going to appear in every aspect of an event. Though this may seem odd you can’t forget that most wedding couples are usually referred to as “love birds!”

8. DIY Attire.  With Pinterest and Etsy fueling the DIY mindset of event planners everywhere (me included!) this trend will continue to live on in 2013. It started out as just basic projects like favors or place cards but you will see a transformation in the events of DIY accessories and attire in 2013. It may be time for a bigger craft corner.

9. Low Key Soirees. No matter the trend you will always have those who like to rebel (yes this can be a trend too). In 2013 you will see quite a number of couples just want to throw in the towel and stick with the basics when it comes to planning events. Hosting very small get togethers, elopements, and just laid back events that take the press off from the “having it all” event that is pushed upon so many people.
10. Food Truck Frenzies. This might be one of my favorites. Over the past year or two food trucks have been gaining popularity all across the country. Those that are looking for that special touch that will set their event apart from everyone else is turning to the truck. They are great as a catering option (they do come with their own kitchen) and they do make delicious late night snacks. Hire multiple trucks to satisfy everyone’s food tastes.

Missed part 1 from last week? You can check that out by following the link hereWhat trend are you looking forward to see in 2013? 


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