I hope you have been enjoying my list of money saving tips over the past 4 weeks. Here is the final list of ways you can save when it comes to planning weddings and events. 

31. Vase Variety. Trying using a variety of small bud vases as a centerpiece instead of a large centerpiece with lots of flowers in them. You can still use the same flowers you love but you don’t have to buy as many of them and you can put the arrangements together yourself as easy vase will only hold a few stems.

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin #PreppyPlanner
32. Something Borrowed. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. If you stick to the wedding credo borrowing items from family and friends can make your wedding day special. Borrowing jewelry, cuff links, a veil, or other special item for your wedding day can be an easy way to save some money. 

33. Find New Talent. There are always talented DJ’s, bakers, photographers, and caterers out there waiting for their big break. Find someone in the business currently and ask them if they have anyone they have anyone working as an apprentice or currently in school that they could refer to you. You can get a big break on price if you have someone that is just trying to break into the business or still studying their profession. And most of the time they will be more than flexible to work with you on what you want so that in return you can sing praises and refer them to your friends. 

Be Your Own DJ at your event using your ipod and speaker system #PreppyPlanner
34. Be Your Own DJ. Want to throw a fun party, but don’t have the money to spend on a DJ? A great way to save is by creating your own playlist and then downloading it onto your ipod. You can even include a spot on your RSVP cards for the guests to write down a song they would like to hear.

35. Early Bird Wedding. Having your wedding earlier in the day can help you cut down your costs with every vendor. You can get great deals at venues, entertainment and above all else food. If you have your wedding early enough you can create a to-die-for brunch menu. 

36. Go Homemade. If you plan on sending your guest home with a sweet treat a great way to save money is to make the favor yourself. I worked where the bride and her mom made the chocolate mustaches that all the guests took home.  

Swap out the cake for another sweet treat at the wedding to save money #PreppyPlanner
37. Skip the Cake. For those don’t care about the traditional cake, you can get great deals on desserts in bulk from bakeries such as cookies, brownies, lemon bars and donuts. You can even ask your caterer to get creative in the display so your desserts give the impression of the traditional cake display.

38. Fake the Cake. If you love cake, but hate the cost, an easy way to save is to decorate a fake cake (foam layers) and to have sheet cakes to cut up in the kitchen. Guests will not know the difference when the cake comes back out all cut and sheet cakes are a fraction of the cost of a wedding cake.

39. Ditch the Limo. Don’t care about take a limo from the wedding to the reception or to the hotel? An easy way to save a couple hundred dollars is to get a family member to drive the bride and groom between destinations and find a friend’s SUV that can shuttle the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception.  

keep the bubbly at the bar instead to save money #PreppyPlanner
36. Keep the Bubbly at the Bar. A big way to save when it comes to the bar bill is to not give a champagne toast at your wedding. The majority of your guests will not drink the stuff causing it to go to waste. If the bride and groom want to toast with champagne but don’t want to foot the bill on the wasted champagne just keep some bottles behind the bar for those that ask.  

Do you have other ways that you have saved when planning your wedding or event? 

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