To me Easter is one of the first major spring holidays. One of my favorite things about the Easter holiday are the decorations, especially the Easter egg. Of course you have the traditional dyed egg in their many colors, but in today’s crafting world there are so many other options besides the classic dyed egg. Today I have put together ten other options that you can choose from when it comes to decorating your Easter eggs this year. I hope you are ready for some crafting!
1. Embroidery Floss. My sister found this idea and we tried it out last year. These eggs turned out amazing and we now have them to display every year!
2. Silk Ties. Purchase some cheap ties at a thrift store and you are ready to go.
3. Family Pictures. This option was just too funny to not include. You won’t have to worry about what everyone is wearing in their family Easter picture.
4. Glitter. As it is with all things you can never have too much glitter!
5. Sharpie. I had never thought of decorating eggs with a Sharpie. You can get as creative as you want with this option.
6. Gold Leaf. You can turn your entire egg into one that the golden goose would lay or make your own cutout like this golden bunny.
7. Lace. For a classic look, lace is the perfect decorative accessory.
8. Melted Crayons. Just like the melted crayon canvases that are extremely popular on Pinterest this melted crayon decorative egg is a must try this year.
9. Decoupage. For a classic non-dying option decoupage is the perfect solution. A fun way is to cut out part of designs and add them to a colored background.
10. Silhouettes. And you can’t go wrong with creating animal silhouettes using stickers. Use a cutout of an animal and make a silhouette by dying the egg and then removing the sticker. 

There are so many options when it comes to decorating your Easter eggs. What is your favorite way that you like to decorate your Easter eggs? 


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