As we are holding onto the last few weeks of summer before school start back up I put together another great summertime themed party that you can enjoy no matter if you are at the beach or at your house. This surfing party has lots of great ideas that you can use for a birthday party or at any fun time during the summer. this surf party idea was found at Kara's Party Ideas. I just love her site!!
To start you can't go wrong with any summer party theme. This surfboards create the perfect backdrop for your table or you could even use them as your tables. If you don't have your own surfboard you can cut out the basic shape from plywood and then paint them however you want. After the party they could them be reused as a headboard for a bed or be made into a fun summertime themed bar. (I vote for the second option!)

To further decorate your surf themed party use bright colored paper lanterns. You can hang these from trees, umbrellas, or display them on all the tables around your party setting. If you can't find colored ones buy white ones and spray paint them. As a tablecloth you can use a fishing net. Even if all you can find is a basic white net that is ok because netting is incredibly easy to dye or be spray painted. 

Once you are done with the decor you can't forget about the food. There are so many fun surfing inspired foods from sugar cookie surfboards, flip flop nutter butters, and shark themed cupcakes. And you can't forget about drinks. Again, go with the bright, fun colors when picking out your refreshments. To keep with the bright color theme get your straws, cups, utensils, and napkins in a variety of bright corresponding colors.

Would you catch a wave to this surfing party? Have ideas for a great party theme? Let me know in the comments section below or by emailing me at and your idea could be next week's party theme! Surfs Up!



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