Today starts the Richmond Greek Festival and it will continue until Sunday. This will be the 36th year that Saints Constantine and Helen’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral will be showing off its traditions and cultural to thousands of Richmonders.

When it comes to the food at this Greek festival they offer all the classics. You can find a great selection of Greek wines, beer, gyros, pastries, loukoumades, pastichio, souvlaki, and of course you can’t forget the baklava. For those that are not well versed with the Greek culture (that would be me!) they offer a wonderful Greek Festival Culinary Guide with blurbs about what the foods are and how to pronounce them.

Once you get your food they offer a great seating area where you can sit back, enjoy your Mythos beer and watch the festivities. Their dance troupes perform authentic traditional Hellenic dances throughout the weekend. When there are no performers you can listen to the music that is being played while you wander through the Agora or Greek market or take a tour of the church. This festival has everything and is fun for the whole family!

One of my favorite movies is My Big Fat Greek Wedding so I just had to share this clip with you. Who doesn't love Joey Fatone:)
If you live in Richmond I hope you are able to make it to the festival this weekend! I cannot wait to go. This church puts on an amazing event and the desserts are to die for. You can find more information about the festival on their website or on their Facebook event page. Oopa!

What is your favorite Greek food? 



06/01/2012 11:24am

P.S Who schedules to have their wisdom teeth removed on the weekend of the Greek Festival? This idiot!!! Can't believe I won't be able to eat such delicious food!

Megan Ridgway
06/01/2012 11:58am

Since you can't make it here is a great recipe that I found to make your own baklava. Enjoy!! http://greekfood.about.com/od/phyllopastriesbaklava/r/Baklava-Classic-Phyllo-Pastry-With-Walnuts-And-Almonds.htm


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