I love summer as I get to hangout at the pool and beach with friends and family. Even though we get to enjoy the warm weather sometimes it can get to be really hot outside. In Virginia we see everything from nice 80 degree weather to heat waves that are over 100. With weather this crazy I love enjoying a cold treat when I am at the pool. A great pool time treat are these homemade freeze pops. You can make them with any flavors you like and for those that are 21+ add a friendly pick me up. 
To make these homemade ice pops you will need:
     - a blender
     - your favorite drink 
     - freeze pop bags (You can buy 100 bags for $7.99 on Amazon)

     - funnel

To make first mix up your drink. If you have fruit or ice use the blender to evenly blend everything together and to make it easier to pour into your bags. Once you have mixed up your drink use the funnel to pour the drink into the freeze pop bags. Tie off the top and you are ready to stick it into the freezer. If you have one of the vacuum sealer machines you can also make your bags using that. Let the pops sit in the freezer anywhere at least 8 hours before removing to enjoy. 
You can get as creative as you want when making your freeze pops. Adding bits of fruit or flavors, like mint, to your drink mixes can make the combination possibilities endless. Just remember that adding alcohol to your mix will make the freezing time be a little longer than non-alcoholic freeze pops. 

What flavors of freeze pops would you make? Share some of your favorite summer drinks that you would make into a freeze pop below. I think I might go for a fun summer margarita flavored freeze pop. If you make a batch today they would be ready for a fun pool side snack for the weekend!


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