High School Graduation season is just around the corner for my family with my little brother graduating. *sappy moment here* I can’t believe my little brother is graduating!! Ok, all done! With the graduation season comes the plethora of pre-graduation ceremonies and graduation parties to attend. I remember when I graduated high school it seemed like everyone was having some kind of party whether it was just with family or with half the graduating class. Today I have put together some helpful tips and ideas for putting together your own graduation party. 
Group Graduation Party
When it comes to graduation “season” there will be a lot of social events to attend. When planning a grad party a great idea is to coordinate the celebration with one, two or a small group of your friends. Instead of each person trying to plan their own party (and inviting all the same people), have all the families go in on one party. Everyone will still get to see each other and (your parents will love this!) the cost will be split multiple ways. 
Color Coordination
The best thing about hosting a graduation party? The theme and colors are already picked out for you. If you have a group party you can decorate in the high school colors. You can purchase all the party accessories and decorations in the school’s colors and add basic customization with the grad’s names or just their graduating year. 
Food & Drinks
The best kind of graduation parties are ones that are considered “open houses” that will allow people to come and go as their schedules permits. So when it comes to planning the food it is best to have a good variety of foods that are easy to replenish and eat. Some fun graduation food and drink ideas include drink graduation caps, diploma and graduation cap sandwiches, graduation cookies, graduation cap cupcakes and other foods decorated in your school colors.

Congratulations to all those who are graduating this spring and good luck with your future college/work plans! What did you do to celebrate your graduation?


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