November is a time when a lot of us remember to give thanks for everything and everyone that is a part of our life. Starting on November 1st I saw quite a number of my friends start listing a daily “I am thankful for…” statement on their Facebook profile. Today I have found some great ideas on how you can show what you are thankful for.

Give Thanks Calendar. A fun family activity that you can create yourself is this give thanks calendar. Each day you can write down what you are thankful for and then at the end of the month pull them all out and read them. Save all your cards for the following year and you can continue adding new thanks each year. You can make your own by following these step-by-step instructions from Jellybean Junkyard.
A Thankful Tree. Create or buy a tree that you can hang small tags all over like this one from Simply Vintage Girl. Any one that comes to your house, office or classroom can see the tree and write what they are thankful for and hang it on the tree. Once filled with “thanks” the tree makes a great room decoration.
Give Thanks Cookies. Making a small treat and giving it away to those that you are thankful for is an easy way to show your thanks this month. You don’t have to get as creative as these cookies from Annie’s Eats as anything that you take time out to put together will be appreciated by all who receive them.
What are you thankful for? Do you have a fun way to share what you are thankful for? Share your ideas below! Don’t forget Thanksgiving is just 2 short weeks away!!!



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