The first day of summer is tomorrow and that means it is flip flop season! Today is actually National Flip Flop Day so its the perfect time to stash all those other shoes away, get a pedicure and rock those flops all summer long! So in celebration of this wonderful summertime holiday here is a great (and super easy) recipe on how you can make your own flip flop cookies. 

  • Nutter Butter Cookies
  • Icing
  • Sprinkles or Decorative Candy

  1. Pull Nutter Butters out of package.
  2. Pipe two lines of icing on the cookies to create the straps.
  3. Add flip flop decorations for some extra fun and enjoy!
Flip Flop Lolita Wine Glass with Flop Flop Drink Recipe #PreppyPlanner

And while you are enjoying your flip flop cookies you can whip up a batch of drinks called "Flip Flop" that was created by Lolita. (I just love all their glassware designs!!)

Flip Flop Recipe
1 oz ginger ale
fill with white wine
splash of favorite fruit juice
float favorite fruit slice
*Enjoyed from a flip flop themed glass for extra celebration points!

Now that sounds like the perfect way to celebrate National Flip Flop Day!! How are you celebrating National Flip Flop Day? Have a wonderful weekend!


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