We all know that when it comes to a good party it is pretty important to also have some food available for those that need something to much on after a few celebratory drinks. I am making some cute themed cupcakes for the weekend once I get to our house for the weekend so that they don’t get messed up during the drive down. I didn't make these (I wish!) but here are some great dessert ideas that you can use at your own or the next bachelorette party you attend.
"She Said Yes!" Cookies by Kooking in Kate's Kitchen
Lingerie Cookie Pops by Delish Bake Shoppe
Cosmospolitan Cupcakes by Bakingdom
Bachelorette Themed Dozen by Richmond's Frostings Cupcakes

What is your favorite bachelorette themed dessert idea? Don’t forget that you can get updates from me each day by signing up for The Preppy Planner’s daily email by going to the Follow Me page. This way you won’t miss out!

Check back on Monday when I will be sharing pictures from the weekend’s festivities! Have a great weekend!!



07/18/2013 5:27pm

What a great post! Thank you for choosing to post the bachelorette cupcakes from Frostings, however you did have the wrong link. Frostings website is frostingsva.com. I'm the Cake Artist at Frostings Bake Shop in Richmond and I'm actually the one who made those cupcakes (so I am legit). I'm doing another bachelorette themed cupcake order and was Googling for inspiration and found my picture which was linked to this site. Just thought I'd give you the heads up about the proper website! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

07/19/2013 1:14pm

Thanks for letting me know about the website Jessica and I have changed the link above for you. I love your cupcakes and love browsing through the different designs you have done for party inspiration. Can't wait until I am in town again so I can visit the shop!


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