Well today is the day, first day of basketball season that is. For many their favorite teams tip off tonight for the first time since March. To get into the basketball spirit I have put together some great basketball themed foods that you can make for those nights when you are watching your favorite team on TV. The great thing about all of these foods? They are super easy to make with the help of a wonderful tool called a food pen. These food pens use edible ink and let you draw fun pictures or write cute messages on your food. So pick one of these pens up and you are ready to start creating your basketball themed dishes!

Mini Basketball Cheeseburgers from Hungry Happenings
Basketball Nilla Wafer Cookie Sandwiches from Lisa Storms
Bean Dip and Basketball Tortilla Chips from Hungry Happenings
What other basketball themed food ideas have you created? Have a wonderful weekend!


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