When I was in elementary school my friends and I always had a fun theme for our birthday parties. Out parents probably went crazy trying to create all the decorations, food and favor bags for us. For my friend Meredith's birthday one year she had an Olympic themed birthday. Each person invited over was assigned to wear a certain color and we participated in various relays and team competitions just like at the Olympics. There were prizes for everyone at the end as we were all declared winners!

That birthday party was by far one of my favorites! Today I have put together some great Olympic themed birthday party ideas. You can also use these ideas to create a fun Olympic themed party while you watch the Olympic over the next two weeks. Let the games begin!

When it comes to hosting an Olympic Birthday Party you cannot forget the games. Based on the age group you are planning for you can create the games accordingly. Some games that you can include are a relay race, backyard obstacal course, shot put using bean bags or water balloons, ribbon dancing, tug-of-war, and javelin throw. I found some great ideas on A Small Snippet which you can see below. 
After all the games are played you can't forget the medals. You can find directions on how to create these felt medals from Just Another Day in Paradise
Once the medals have been awarded you can award all the guests with some Olympic themed food. You can find these and more Olympic themed foods on the blog Tip Junkie.
You can even use these food ideas to throw your own adult Olympic themed bash. Just add an Olympic cocktail drink and you can ready to toast to the opening ceremonies. Are you ready for the Olympics to start tomorrow? What will you be doing to celebrate? You can find information and a schedule of all the events on the London Olympics website. 



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