Yesterday I shred with you some of the inspiration behind my friend's garden wedding that is coming up this Saturday. While looking at all the pictures I kept finding so many great garden ideas for any type of party. One idea kept jumping out at me that was a perfect garden themed event though, a tea party. 

Most every little girl had a make believe tea party with her friends growing up. As grown-ups we can relive those play-times with a real tea party with our friends. When it comes to hosting a tea party outdoors anything goes. You can mix and match your furniture, table lines, and place settings without it looking out of place. A tea party is going to be a primp and proper preppy event no matter what you do, so make sure to have fun with it! 

Your invitation for a garden tea party can be whimsical and fun. I found so many great ideas on etsy for this. Here is one by TSK Design Boutique for a tea party bridal shower.
If you have a random variety of chairs and tables a great way to bring them all together is by using a group of solids colors like these pastel ones.  I found this great table set up from Join The Gossip.
You cannot have a tea party without tea cups! For a party like this I love when all the cups are different. It brings me  back to when I was little and would use anything when I played pretend.
Paper lanterns and flowery garland offer great ways to decorate tents or trees for a garden party. The use of wooden signs is also another low-key way to decorate to fit with your whimsical party style. You can use scraps of fabric and lace to hang up your decorations too.
Metal birdcages with arrangements from the garden offer a garden feel to a garden party and serve as great centerpieces. You can easily spray paint the cage any color you want to fit your theme. For decorating your food displays using lace and ribbon provide a relaxed and garden feel. Lace doilies are cheap and easy to get and with the addition of a printed sticker you have a great food label. I a lot of these great ideas from Kara's Party Ideas.

I have found that you can buy a lot of this type of china and table decor at consignment store, antique stores and flea markets. Nothing has to match so when you find single plates, bowls and cups you can get them at a great price as many people will be looking for sets of items. What would you have at a garden tea party?

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