There was so much going on this past weekend! The very muddy Kentucky Derby race (did your horse win?) took place on Saturday and all the Cinco de Mayo celebrations were going on yesterday. On top of those two fun holidays that were going on this past weekend I also went home and celebrated a few birthdays in the family and attended my brother’s senior piano recital.

On Sunday, I went down to Richmond for lunch at my grandparent’s to celebrate both my brother’s and my uncle’s birthdays. My grandmother made two amazing birthday cakes, a cheesecake and a brownie ice cream cake, for the birthday boys. They were both amazingly delicious!  I was beyond fascinated with the ice cream cake as this was the first time she has included sprinkles into the cake mix and it turned out so festive!  
Here are the two birthday boys blowing out their birthday candles and making their birthday wishes! 
And then that afternoon we went over to our church to watch my brother perform for his senior piano and marimba (looks like a long wooden xylophone) recital and a post event reception. **Just as a heads up you will be seeing quite a few family events coming up since my brother is graduating high school this year. (woo hoo!!!) 
What did you do this past weekend?


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