Happy Monday to all of you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. When putting this post together I did realize that I forgot to take some pictures of what I did to share with you. (oops!) Anyways, it was a pretty fun week. 

Last Monday turned into a day of sports events for me. To start off my evening I participated in the first of three of the Cul-de-Sac 5K races sponsored by the Richmond Road Runners. The organization plans tons of races throughout the year with the majority being 5 & 10K races (that would be 3.1 and 6.2 miles for anyone not familiar with running). Following the race I then went and played some softball with friends for their work team as they were short some girls. I am in no way a softball player, but it was lots of fun! Here is a picture of the team hanging out while we were at bat. 

If you are interested in signing up for races in your area you can look up your local running organization by going to the national Road Runners Club's website. You can also contact the county you live in or a local gym to find out about any league teams that you and your friends could sign-up to play in. I know where I live  they have kickball, softball, ultimate, and basketball adult leagues to just name a few.

Strawberry Fields cupcake from Pearl's Cupcakes Shoppe in Richmond #PreppyPlanner
In August my mother is hosting my friend's bridal luncheon for the wedding that my sister and I are in. Since my family goes to the beach for two weeks in the beginning of August we decided to get a lot of the planning done this past week. We started looking at flower arrangements, table decorations and desserts for the occasion. Let me just say, searching flower arrangements and cupcake centerpieces on Pinterest can get you in trouble. There are so many ideas to get inspiration from that it took us a while to decide. 

For the luncheon my mom wants to stick with a pink theme. Pearl's Cupcakes Shoppe in Richmond offers over 75 cupcakes to choose from on their menu. It took us a little while to narrow our list down of ones we wanted to try before we placed our order for the luncheon as they all sound so good. Luckily they don't offer all 75+ options in their store everyday. Here is the Strawberry Fields cupcake that they had available in the store on Friday. The strawberry buttercream frosting was to die for! 

When it comes to planning an event and using a vendor for the first time it is always a good idea to set-up a meeting with them prior to any contracts being drawn up or orders being placed. If it involves food it is always a smart idea to schedule a tasting, or in our case sample a few cupcakes, before you order anything. Recipes vary from one cook to the next so a tasting is a great way to make sure that you will not get any surprises on the day of your event. 

My mom and I are still working on the cupcake selection for the bridal luncheon, but we did enjoy all the cupcakes we brought home last week! Did you have an event coming up that you started planning for? Share about your event in the comments section below!



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