Just as each family has their own traditions, so does each school. This past weekend I attended my very first tailgate and football game at the University of Virginia (and got to check off another one of my 10 fall must attend events in Charlottesville ). My uncle attended UVA for school and is a religious attendee of UVA home games and invited me to go with him this past weekend.

Being the experienced tailgater that I am, my first thought was of what do I need to bring? So, as a little thank you and to contribute some UVA school spirit I made so great tailgate accessories that my uncle can use for his next tailgate. I made these adorable cups and platter all decked out in UVA colors using vinyl decals that I ordered from etsy shop We Speak Vinyl and ribbon. Customizing anything with vinyl decals, like the platter and cups, can turn anything into a wonderful thank you present for any event host.

After the tailgate we wandered into the stadium to watch the game. I have been hearing about the pregame “Cav Man” ritual and couldn’t wait to find out what that was. Each week before the game starts UVA Video Services puts together a cartoon episode that is shown on their video board. It shows Cav Man up against the other team’s mascot in some fun scenario with Cav Man winning and then ridding to the stadium. At the end of the clip it has him riding up to the stadium and then a real Cav Man come galloping in on his horse into the football stadium leading the team out onto the field. 
I love being able to watch what each team’s home traditions are for football games, and UVA is not one to disappoint. What kind of pre-game tradition does your school have?




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