This past week the girl's and I got together for our monthly theme dinner and had a great night of catching up, seeing our friend's new house and enjoying some amazing Chilean dishes. With the country stretching over 2,600 miles long, the country is known for a wide variety of foods. However, no matter where you are in the country you will find amazing seafood dishes as well as some great red wine. So we made sure to include those two in our girl's dinner menu. Here was our Chilean themed menu for the evening:
My only note on when I was making the papas duquesas is to make sure your oil does not get too hot. Somehow mine started to boil too much and the last batch of potato puffs I was cooking unfortunately had to be sacrificed to the trashcan. There is always some fun going on in the kitchen when we all get together. And of course I have some pictures of our delicious meal that we enjoyed to share with you as well.

Here we were cooking our potato puffs and green bean patties so we could serve them warm for dinner.
Our dishes cooked to perfection and ready to enjoy! Instead of cooking the scallops in one large dish Sam cooked them in small ramekins since there were only four of us.
Once dinner was over the red wine mousse was dished out and topped with sliced almonds and whipped cream. This was a very light dish and was perfect since we all were a little stuffed from the main dishes.
Next month...Egypt! Do you have any good suggestions for a dish I should make? Happy Monday!


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Carolina D'Alencon
10/21/2013 7:49pm

My name is Carolina, and I am from Chile.....You don't know the good memories those pictures of papas duquesas, fritos de porotos verdes y turron de vino brought back to me. I am so glad you were able to experience a little taste of our food.
Congratulations for trying different kinds of food!


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