This past Thanksgiving holiday was one filled with family and friends galore! From freezing at the Turkey Trot race, family shenanigans and black Friday shopping there was just no slowing down! But not to worry I was still able to capture it all (well most of it) to create this photo diary to share with you all. Here are some of my favorite moments from this past Thanksgiving weekend...

As promised I pulled out my craft box and made these Thanksgiving pillow boxes (similar to the ones I shared with you in my Thanksgiving Party Crafts post) and filled them with delicious chocolate pecan toffee. YUM!
And without even knowing it my mom and sister made this cute Thanksgiving tree and wreath using similar felt stickers like I used on my pillow treat boxes!
After all the decorations were up we kicked off the Thanksgiving weekend by running in the annual Turkey Trot 10K race on Thanksgiving morning. Our race results were kind enough to let us know that it was only 32 degrees out when the race started. 
After we cleaned up (and warmed up) we headed down to the river for our family Thanksgiving celebration. Here is the table all set for dinner, 
What is Thanksgiving without a freshly carved (and personally caught by the carver himself) turkey?
A nice before and after shot of my Thanksgiving meal (well the first plate of it anyways), 
And then we let the Christmas festivities begin! My cousin and I headed out for a little Black Friday shopping Thursday evening and Friday morning without any major crowd issues. We were successful in my book! Number one thing on the Christmas shopping list? A tree of course!
And to end the holiday weekend my dad finished putting up all the Christmas lights!
The Christmas season really is upon us and we only have a few short weeks to enjoy it all this year! What was your favorite part about this past Thanksgiving day weekend?


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