This past weekend I got to check another one item off my list of ten must attend events that I made a while back by attending Martha's Market. Martha's Market is a shopping fundraiser hosted by the Martha Jefferson Hospital Women's Committee. 

Every year the Women's Committee hosts a variety of events to raise money to help benefit women's healthcare at Martha Jefferson Hospital. Being as this is the first year that I am living in Charlottesville, this was my first time to this event. The women that organized this event did a wonderful job coordinating vendors, decorating and putting their time and effort into making this an event to attend. 

Here is a great picture of all the vendors at the market. What other reason do you need to shop than knowing that 15% of your purchase goes to helping women's healthcare?
I got to shop with my mom and family friend this weekend and found some great things for myself and did some early Christmas shopping. Some of my favorite booths were a few of the preppy ones. I was a little sad when none of my pictures from Country Club Prep turned out very well, but I did get a great one at the Collared Greens booth (the colors of all the ties was just memorizing!). The boys at each of those booths were so nice and great to talk to!
There are so many different shopping fundraiser's like Martha's Market. I know in Richmond there is the Richmond Bizarre Bazaar offers opportunities for local non-profits to raise money for their organization through volunteering at the event. I'm sure that you can find a similar event in a town near you. What is your favorite type of fundraiser event that you attend?



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