Weekend Recap: Senior Prom #PreppyPlanner
This past weekend was prom weekend for my little brother so of course not wanting to miss anything I drove down on Saturday to see him and his girlfriend off. It has been quite a number of years since I had my senior prom, but I think the only thing that changed between the two were the dresses. Once my brother was off to go and pick up his date we just photo hopped from one place to the next until they left for dinner. Check out some of the pictures from my brother’s prom this past weekend!

A family prom picture is a must have for the scrapbook.
Senior Prom: A family prom picture is a must have #PreppyPlanner
Need to have a fun prom pose...
Senior Prom: Fun prom pose #PreppyPlanner
and can't forget one of me and the little bother!
Senior Prom: Me and my little brother before prom #PreppyPlanner
You always have be ready to take a silly candid shot too!
Senior Prom: Always be ready to take a fun candid shot #PreppyPlanner
To finish up with the prom pictures you have the final group shot. 
Senior Prom: The big group shot #PreppyPlanner
For those that still have not had prom here are some great tips to remember when coordinating your pre-prom night activities.
  • Find a group of friends to go with and designate 1 person to coordinate your pre-prom schedule. 
  • If taking pictures at 1 person’s house call the hosting family before prom to see where pictures can be taken and thank them for hosting.
  • If taking pictures at a venue call about a week out to check and see if there are any events going on at your potential site so that you can find a good time to pop in and get your group shots.
  • Figure out what shots you would like to get at each photo location beforehand. Browse through Pinterest for some cute picture ideas for you and your date as well as designate 1 person to organize everyone when it comes to meeting up for the group shots. 
  • For dinner call at least 2 months out to a few restaurants to see if they can accommodate the size of your prom group and if they are offering a prom menu special. You will want to book a restaurant at least 1-1 ½ months out at some major locations.
  • Allow for some flexibility in your pre-prom schedule. Parents will want to take hundreds of pictures, traffic could be a little crazy and you never know how long the hair dresser will take. When creating your pre-prom schedule allow for extra time for everything. At the very least you can have some extra time at the restaurant hanging out with your friends.

What is your favorite memory from prom?

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