Happy Monday! This past weekend my sister and I decided to celebrate Father’s Day a week early. Our dad is a huge Twins fan and they just happened to be playing the Nationals this past weekend so we decided to go. So on Saturday morning my dad and I drove up to Fairfax to meet up with my sister and then head on over to the game. Even though it had been raining like crazy the past few days the weather that afternoon could not have been better! We arrived to the park a few hours early and headed over to The Bullpen for some pre-game festivities. They had a live band playing, cornhole, food and plenty of drinks available which turned The Bullpen into an amazing outdoor block party area. 
Once inside the gates we headed up to the bar under the scoreboard for their “happy hour” drink specials before the first pitch and watch the staff finish setting up the field for the game. (This is a great deal if you plan on heading to a Nats game this summer so make sure you take advantage of it!) I love how they have customized bottles for the Nats! 
After the first pitch we headed down to our seats above the Twins dugout so that my dad might get to sit near some other Twins fans. Since the teams have the same colors and similar uniforms it was very confusing to tell which fans where what, but surprisingly there were quite a number of Twins fans in attendance. Here is the view that we had from our seats. 
The game went into extra innings with the Twins pulling out a 4-3 win over the Nats on Saturday which left my dad in a very happy mood.  I was just glad that the game only went into 11 innings and not the 14 innings that we sat through last year or the 20 innings that Miami and the Mets played that day. After the game we headed down to the team store to pick up some tshirts. I loved the baseball “W” wall that they had in the store and then as it always is with my family we had a random funny picture that could not be passed up.
All-in-all it was a great weekend for a baseball game and we all had fun celebrating Father’s Day. Have you been to a MLB game this year? What are your favorite things to do and see when you go to a game?


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