Happy Monday! This past week I got to enjoy another fun girl’s night themed dinner. I had to miss last month because of work (so sad) so I could not wait for this one. In picking out this month’s theme we wanted to pick somewhere in Asia so we picked Vietnam.  

Growing up in Richmond there was a great Vietnamese restaurant right near me that I would love getting takeout from, so I could not wait to try my hand at making something. Since my friend chose to make the traditional soup, Pho, I decided to try my hand at making some traditional Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls.

I found a great recipe for Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls from droolfactor.wordpress.com (I think the website’s name gave it away that these would be good).  You can get the step-by-step directions that I used by clicking on the link for the Rice Paper Rolls and by following my pictures that I took below. 
I found all the ingredients for this recipe at my local. I did cheat a little when it came to the sauce for the spring rolls. I just bought a premade spring roll dipping sauce at the store instead of making it myself.

Along with the rice paper rolls we also had a delicious soup called Pho, an appetizer of Chao Tom and a non-related themed drink of apple cider sangria. Everything was so delicious!!
I love getting together with the girl's for a night of fun, and designating a fun theme for the evening makes it even better! What kind of fun theme nights have you participated in with your friends? Any suggestions for what country we should do our next theme night dinner?

Have a fabulous Monday:)


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02/04/2013 11:55am

I love the spring rolls, especially when they're crunchy!


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