Happy Monday! This past week was another girl’s night themed dinner. With it being the holiday season we wanted to pick a country that had some great Christmas traditions, so we chose Sweden. In trying to make our own Swedish Christmas feast we had quite a variety of traditional dishes this past week.

I found a great article by MIX Editor, Laura Byrne Russell, that helped guide me in choosing my tradition Christmas Swedish dishes. Every year Laura attends a tradition Swedish Christmas dinner hosted by one of her friends from Stockholm and they have a whole Swedish feast provided for them. My only problem was deciding what to choose form this delicious sounding menu!

I decided to go with making saffron rolls, called Lussekatter, served during the Swedish holiday celebrating St. Lucia. I found the recipe for the Lussekatter from Food52.com. For dessert I made ginger snaps, called pepparkakor. The recipe I used to make the pepparkakor is from Food.com. They came out crisp around the edges and soft in the middle for a perfect end of dinner treat!

Along with the lussekatter and pepparkakor we also had holiday gloegg, lox, Swedish meatballs and Kroppkakor potato dumplings to round out our Swedish Christmas feast!
Can’t wait for next month’s girl’s night theme dinner!! What country should we do for our next theme night dinner? Add your suggestions in the comments section below.

Have a fabulous Monday:) Only 15 days till Christmas morning!!


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