Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good time last night watching the Oscars. Last night the girl’s and I combined two events into one by holding our monthly girl’s dinner while watching the Oscars. This month we picked France for our menu theme. To be true to the Parisian eating habits, this was the perfect theme for the evening as we were able to break up our dinner into courses and not miss any of the show.

This month’s theme was especially fun to do since all 3 of us took French and 1 even majored in it in college. So armed with quite a bit of background in the culture, I knew that we would have some amazing food. We broke up our dinner into 3 courses: bread and cheese, meat and dessert.

To start off the evening I prepared the classic bread and cheese plate to start our evening while we enjoyed some wine. I bought a wedge of  brie at Trader Joe’s and then topped it with my mom’s homemade strawberry jam as well as some fresh cut up strawberries. We enjoyed that with a loaf of toasted French bread. We made sure to not waste a single piece of that cheese. When we ran out of French bread we had to improvise and toasted up some hot dog buns. What can I say? The three of us love our brie!
After the cheese course came the meat course. For dinner Ally made coq au vin. It was delicious! The wine sauce was so good we wanted to lick our bowls clean just to enjoy every last morsel. Here is a great recipe on how to make coq au vin from the Food Network.
After that we had to take a little break before we enjoyed some dessert. And it was perfect timing as the Oscars started right when we were finishing. The red carpet was great to watch and we loved having fun checking in on Twitter too to get some great behind the scenes pics and info. Who wore your favorite red carpet look?

After the red carpet finished up we were finally ready to dig into some dessert. Emily, the French major, has always been amazing at making French desserts since we were in French class together in middle school. Last night she made an amazing cake called mille crepe made from layering crepes and filling into the shape of a cake. It was so light and fluffy and the perfect dish to finish up our evening.
And I can’t forget about the best part of the evening. We each got to take home leftovers to enjoy for a second French inspired meal (well everything except for the brie). I will be enjoying mine tonight for dinner. What is your favorite French inspired dish?


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