Every month my BFF Emily and some of her friends get together for a fun girl's night dinner. Instead of doing a traditional potluck they give their dinners a little twist by choosing a different country to theme their meals around. I have been hearing about these dinner nights for quite a few months now, and as I most recently moved to Charlottesville, could not wait to get to go to one!! 

For September the theme was Brazil and I had desserts. As amazing as this sounds let me just tell you, finding a dessert recipe from Brazil was not very easy. I searched all of the places I could think of when it comes to party planning recipes: FoodNetwork.com , Recipes.com, AllRecipes.com, Food.com and even ran a basic google search. There was one common dessert that stood out but I was not about to make it; flan. Even the name sounds silly. 

Finally, I came across something that sounded good enough that I thought I would give it a to try. The dessert was called brigadeiro. These desserts are a traditional Brazilian candy that is typically served at parties.
 Since the recipe didn't sound too complicated I decided to go for it. So I printed off the recipe, got all the ingredients and whipped up a batch. They were amazing!!! I would have to describe them as something that slightly resembles a Tootsie Roll but a lot creamier and has a richer chocolaty taste.  
Since they were out-of-this-world I just had to share them with you! To make these amazing treats you will need 1 - 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk, 1 tablespoon butter, 3 tablespoons cocoa and sprinkles. To make them all you do is put all the ingredients (except the sprinkles) into a pot set over medium-low heat. Continually stir the ingredients until the mixture thickens enough to show the bottom of the pan (aka looks like Tootsie Rolls that have melted). Pour the thickened mixture into a greased glass dish to let cool. I stuck mine into the fridge to help speed up the cooling process. Once cooled, roll the candy into 1to 1.5" balls and then roll in the sprinkles to decorate. I kept mine in the fridge up until I wanted to serve them so that they would not be too sticky when we wanted to eat them.
delicious recipes for a Brazilian themed dinner party #PreppyPlanner

Along with the dessert we also had a delicious Brazilian stew called feijoada and melt-in-your-mouth Brazilian cheese bread called pao de queijo. There were not too many leftovers from our evening as everything was so good. 

I love getting together with the girl's for a night of fun, and designating a fun theme for the evening makes it even better! What kind of fun theme nights have you participated in with your best girlfriends? Share your favorite themes and what you do for them in the comments section below!

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Great information to share... Megan you do not disappoint

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