I had so much fun this past weekend down at the beach with my family and friends celebrating Memorial Day weekend! We stayed up late having fun, soaked up a few rays, went on a few bike rides and runs, enjoyed some great food and drinks (probably a little too much!) and got to relax a little bit. On Monday the water had even warmed up enough that I was able to take our paddleboard out for a bit. 

I took down a batch of my firecracker cookies that I shared with you all last week along with a set of monogrammed beach spikers from 4 Giggly Girls that I bought for my family. The spikers worked amazingly at the beach and my family enjoyed using them all weekend. If you are having an event at the beach this summer I would strongly suggest these as the perfect favor or gift and Greer Wells, the owner of 4 Giggly Girls, is amazing to work with! It was the perfect Memorial Day Weekend! 

Check out some pictures that I took from this past weekend.
Our pretty new beach house sign!
Nice ocean view from our top deck.
Always had a nicely stocked bar.
Relaxing on the beach.
Loving our new beach spikers from 4 Giggly Girls!
Enjoying a nice drink & read on the beach.
Yes, this is how we do dinner at the beach.
Enjoyed a fun bike ride before dinner. 
And took the paddleboard out in the ocean.

I had so much fun as we had a weekend filled with activities to do. Now I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation! What did you do to celebrate Memorial Day this past weekend?


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