Happy Monday to you all!! This past weekend I helped put together a birthday party for two of my closest friends, watched some of the 2012 London Olympics and relocated down to the beach for the next two weeks. It was a busy weekend but now that I am down at the beach I plan to relax and not plan too much of anything. 
The Birthday Boy and Girl with their keepsake that all the guests signed #PreppyPlanner
When it came to planning my friend's birthday party what we really focused on was simple but fun. Both of the birthday honorees had just finished taking the Bar exam the previous day as well as the majority of their friends that were coming. To keep it simple we sent out online invitations using The Paperless Post, kept the menu to basic dips and desserts and just loaded up on drinks from Sam’s Club. Both the birthday boy and girl loved seeing all their friends as well as taking some time to relax for a little celebration. Here they are with a “flashback” birthday present that all the guests signed. The pictures are of both of them 20 years ago when they celebrated their 5th and 7th birthdays, which they both thought was hilarious!

As I mentioned above we wanted to keep this a simple event, especially when it came to the menu. To do so all the foods were simple and didn’t require much prep time. One of the desserts I made was pretzel kisses. Depending on how many you make they require about 10 minutes prep time and 3-5 minutes of cooking time. You will need a bag of M&M's, Hershey kisses, and square pretzels. First you layout a single layer of pretzles on a cookie sheet. Next you put one kiss on top of each pretzel. You then put the cookie sheet into the oven for 3-5 minutes to soften the chocolate. Oncce you see the kisses become shiny take the cookie sheet out of the oven and place an M&M down onto each kiss. Once cooled, enjoy!!
**You can customize your kisses by using just the colored M&M's you want and also using different kisses.**
my favorite thing to do at the beach..paddleboard! #PreppyPlanner
After the birthday celebration, I packed everything up and headed off to the beach. When I get back I will be getting ready for my friend’s wedding the next weekend so while I am at the beach I just plan on relaxing the entire time. I have a pile of books to read and our new paddleboard, so I am set for the next two weeks!

Also, can’t forget about the Olympics. Did you catch the opening ceremony? I bet that event alone took over a year to organize, but it will be something to remember. My favorite part was the torch lighting right at the end. What events have you been watching so far this Olympics?

What an amazing sight that is! What did you do this past weekend?



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