This past weekend I had lots of fun going up to JMU with my dad for a Duke Club event and then watching the JMU men’s basketball team take on the Drexel Dragons. 

JMU Weekend: New JMU Softball Coach Mickey Dean is an amazing speaker #PreppyPlanner
The Duke Club hosted their annual Rep Kick Off event in the stadium, including a lunch, talks from student-athletes and staff and letting us know about what is to come for the new year. When putting on any event with speakers it is always important that who you ask is comfortable with speaking and are able to connect with your audience. We had amazing speakers at this event including the new JMU softball coach, Mickey Dean. His public speaking skills and interaction with the audience was even more incredible than his impressive resume if that tells you anything.

From that event we wandered over to the basketball pre-game event and then watched the game. The JMU men played a great game this past Saturday and came out of it with a win which was pretty exciting! One thing that makes going to JMU basketball games so much fun is their pep band. These students have so much energy and are there 110% to support JMU basketball no matter what!

Over all this trip was a lot of fun! What did you do this past weekend? Hope your team is doing well so far this basketball season too!


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