Happy Monday! This past weekend was a crazy one for me by far. You can probably tell from today's blog title that I I did a number of different things. On Friday I helped my friend Vicky make the invitations for her son's rehearsal dinner that she is hosting. 
These invitations were so much fun to design and make. To start the paper and ribbon were bought at Michael's. Since this is going to be a BBQ dinner we thought it would be cure to have a checkered patterned paper. Next I created the information part using Publisher. Once that was designed and printed I cut the information sheets and checked paper down to the size we wanted. I left a little more than a half inch border of the checked paper around the typed paged. To attach the two you layer the papers on top of each other and using a single hole puncher cut the holes out. To attach the two pages I threaded ribbon through the punched out holes to get the finished product! 

The best part of my Friday, even though I thoroughly enjoy crafting, was going up to DC to pick up my sister (on the left) from her trip to Europe. 
I made the sign for her incorporating all the flags of the different places she visited. Can you name all the countries? She loved the sign and the fact that she was finally back and could get some rest from their non-stop adventure. 

Even though I had a late night driving back from DC on Friday I was up bright and early on Saturday to go and work a wedding! The reception was held at the Hanover Arts and Activities Center in Ashland, Virginia. Even with the rain all day on Saturday it was a beautiful reception and the guests had lots of fun! The wedding had about 100 guests with a very laid back and relaxed feel. The bride and groom just wanted to have fun with their guests. To create that fun atmosphere for their guests they hired an amazing DJ, Bill Gilliam from Choice Entertainment, who made sure that everyone was out on the dance floor having fun. 

I love when the bride and groom include fun little aspects into their big day. They had the cutest tumblers that they used as their cups for the evening and also made their own favors. The groom always liked to goof around and wear fake mustaches so they made chocolate mustaches on a stick for all their guests to take with them. Anything chocolate is good in by book! 
I had so much fun this past weekend. Do you go to any events this past weekend? 

This week I have some great posts to share as I count down to the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London on Friday. The swimming events are my favorite to watch. I could not imaging all the work that goes into planning an event as world wide as the Olympics. What Olympic events are you most looking forward to watch?  



07/15/2013 1:52pm

Do you happen to know what font you used for the BBQ invites?! I'm trying to recreate it, thank you!

07/15/2013 2:06pm

Hey Sidi,

I don't remember exactly all the fonts I used as I saved that file to another drive but I think the "BBQ" font was this one http://www.dafont.com/carnevalee-freakshow.font. Hope that helps and have fun with your BBQ!! Let me know if you need anything else.


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