Last we my family had a lot to celebrate. My brother had his baccalaureate program that he played in, then graduation and also Father’s Day. From the ceremonies to the fun family meals it was one hectic week but we all had a blast celebrating. Yesterday I used up the last of my energy just reading by the pool and trying to regain some energy. Check out some pictures from this past week of celebrations below. 

At the Baccalaureate program my brother and his friend played a piece together called Polonaise de Concert. They were ten times better than my video recording skills. (My brother is the one of the piano.)
And then on Wednesday we all got together for a pre-graduation dinner before we headed downtown for the ceremony. We are one crazy family sometimes!
After dinner it was time for graduation! 
And here is everyone post-graduation for some family pictures. Even though this was at 9 o’clock at night it had to be one of the hottest evenings of the summer so far. Of course we all just look amazing so it didn’t really matter! Lol
Have a happy Monday!! What did you do this past weekend?


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