A lot of event hosts are looking for new ways to add personal touches and decorate without breaking the bank. With the rise of Pinterest there is no end to the amount of wedding inspiration that you can find. A few weeks ago I worked a wedding in Charlottesville where the Mother of the Bride went all out with the DIY decorations. They turned a great event venue into an amazing reception venue with some simple projects that I could not wait to share with you. Here are some of my favorites from the event.

The place card and gift table showcased a multitude of DIY projects. Besides making their own place cards for all the guests they added decorative bows to the table skirting as well as put together the blue and gold globes you can see lined up. They used small circle vases stuffed with metallic streamers and added a large gold ornament on top. This is a budget friendly easy DIY as you can find everything for the project at your local dollar store. Over on the gift table side they took a large blue vase and then suspended blue and gold decorative ornaments from gold wire. It was quite pretty to look at!
This cocktail table centerpiece really drew everyone's interest. These vases are filled with these things called magic growing jelly balls. They are little spheres that you submerge in water and watch them grow. They had blue, yellow and clear balls in two different sizes that they put inside vases with a battery operated tea light at the bottom. These jelly balls also work great in flower vases and other water displays.
Instead of renting a dance floor, since there was already a nice terrazzo floor, they decided to create floor markers for the 4 corners. A paper lantern column was created for this purpose. Paper lanterns were strung together with hanging lights inside. Metallic gold ribbon was then attached to the top lantern with everything being hung from the metal tower. This was an elegant way to designating where the dance floor was for their guests.
The last DIY project I wanted to share with you today were the table decorations. They used two table runners, bows, ornaments, battery operated lights and outdoor glass globes. The fabric table runners were layered to form an "X" across the table with the glass globe and ribbons arranged over the crossed section. The table numbers were simple photo holders that were spray painted gold and had 5x7" photos inserted into the frame. 
The best thing about these projects? You can alter the colors to match your own wedding theme! Do you have an easy DIY project that you have created for an event? 


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