Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fun filled event weekend. This past weekend was a crazy one for me as I hopped from one event to another. Saturday I went to not one, but two tailgates (my favorite part of the fall football season) for UVA and JMU. And then Saturday evening I drove up to D.C. as I ran in The D.C. Color Run on Sunday morning.

The D.C. Color Run was so much fun and quite a mess! If you haven’t heard of The Color Run you need to check out this video that the event staff for the event put together.

The Color Run color packets for post-race color party #PreppyPlanner
This was a 5K run (not race as it was not timed) that you signup for with a bunch of your friends and be prepared to be covered in a colorful mess. Rule number one for Color Runs: must wear a white shirt. During the run there are 5 color stations where volunteers will throw colored cornstarch at you. Also, in your race packet you receive a pouch of colored cornstarch to bring with you on race day for the post-race color throw. 

I ran with my sister, a friend from JMU and two other girls. You can tell from our pre and post-race picture that we had lots of fun. We even saw people that stayed in the post-race color throw a bit too long and became covered from head to toe in every color possible.

We had so much fun and I would totally recommend to everyone that if a Color Run is coming to a city near you that you need to sign up for it! Have you taken part in a fun run like this before? If not, what fun event did you take part in this weekend?




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