The end of a vacation is always sad, but on the bright side my family celebrated my dad's birthday! A party can be fun when celebrating, but when it comes to birthday's whatever the birthday boy or girl wants is what goes in our household. We decided to make the birthday celebrations last longer than one day so last week we took him shopping for his birthday present while at the beach and celebrated in the way he likes best, relaxing on the beach. Once we got home from the beach on Saturday we went out to dinner to celebrate and then headed home for birthday cake and our birthday cards since he already had his present. Here are some pictures of the birthday celebrations over the past week:
Picking out the birthday present in OBX at Nags Head Hammocks. You have to sit in every single one of them to find the perfect hammock! Surprisingly not all hammocks are comfortable as I found out during this trip. 
Celebrating with cake, cards and balloons! For the tailgating guy that my dad is I couldn't resist on getting him this World's First Tailgate Party card. He always outdoes himself when it comes to putting on the ultimate tailgate party during football season.
The 2012 #Olympic closing ceremonies #PreppyPlanner
Did you catch the closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics last night? If so who was your favorite performer? If not you can catch up on all the musical performances online at NBC Olympics

Between the beach vacation and the Olympics these past two weeks have just flown by for me. This week I will be getting ready for the wedding of two of my best friend's, and I can't wait! Check back next Monday for pictures from all the wedding festivities that are to come!


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