This past weekend I had a lot of fun attending some country concerts with my family. While I have worked quite a few concerts it is always fun to be an attendee at one and see how other arenas operate on concert days. Last Thursday I went with my family and some other friends to the Carrie Underwood concert in Richmond. My dad got tickets for my sister and I for Christmas through Tickets-for-Charity. Tickets-for-Charity works with some of the biggest names in the industry to offer fans access to premium tickets and experiences with a portion of the ticket cost going to charity. And I learned at the concert that as part of her tour Carrie was donating $1 from every ticket purchased to the Red Cross. I felt very charitable on Thursday night (even though my dad paid, Thanks Dad!!). Check out some pictures that we took at the concert.
Great opening act by Hunter Hayes. 
Carrie Underwood rocking out! 
Double the fun with a Carrie and Hunter Hayes duet.
Quick girls’ pic at the concert!

What has been your favorite concert that you have attended?  


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